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The educational philosophy of Little Darlings is based on the widely held pedagogic belief that young children learn best through interaction.

Founded in 1983, the school has been ready for the challenges and changes in education and educating. The caring for our young wards is priority.


At Little Darlings Pre-Primary we are committed to educating and caring for the total child. The development of the young child falls into four major categories – These are:

Social, physical, emotional and intellectual. We strive to always consider each of these to have independent and confident “Little Darlings”


Each age group has their specific group. Children are encouraged to make independent choices and develop good problem solving skills. Teachers observe children and skillfully extend activities into deeper and more meaningful learning experiences.


The Language Arts programme is rich with reading, conversation and story-telling. Both French and English are used as mediums of communication. The children learn to write little words at first and then go on to short sentences. Mathematics is introduced in similar age –appropriate ways with shapes, patterns, blocks and counting games whereby children learn to match, sort and classify attributes and as they get older, to estimate, calculate and measure. Science related activities encourage children to predict, observe, test and record.


Outdoor play and activities play an important role in our school. Physical development is important. We believe that a healthy body creates a healthy mind. Besides outdoor play benefits the child with his/her emotional and social development – the dolly house with its kitchen equipment is a world of learning – I have drank countless imaginary cups of tea!!! The social skills are too numerous to list and the intellectual side is well taken care of. Our little gardens have much to offer on the science learning opportunities.


Excursions are organized by the school and other activities where we invite the parents to join in with us. Parents are encouraged to play a role in the education of their children. We have Parent Meetings where parents can meet with teachers and follow up on their child’s development. Graduation of the school leavers are the highlight of the year – followed by the school concert.


The schooling calendar follows the government time table laid out for all registered schools.

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